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Currently this is an opt-in feature and requires setting 'opevents_realtime_gui' to true in the file 'conf/opCommon.json'.

When a new event is created, either after parsing or via create event the event details are pushed onto a queue.


The minimum supported Apache Version is 2.4.6, We recommend you use a virtual host and the provided Apache configuration 04omk-proxy.conf under Redhat: /etc/httpd/conf.d/04omk-proxy.conf Debian: /etc/httpd/conf-enabled/04omk-proxy.conf is not currently setup for virtual hosts. Removing the provided 04omk-proxy.conf requires you have basic understanding on editing Apache config.  NOTE: Re-installing, or upgrading opEvents will restore this file, so it will need to be removed once again after a re-install.

Debian 9

Enable proxy_wstunnel