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Advanced level feature, skills with Apache configuration and SSL are required.

In opEvents 3.3.0, we have introduced realtime events to push updates as they happen to the GUI.

Currently this is an opt-in feature and requires setting '"opevents_realtime_gui' " to "true", in the file ' conf/opCommon.json'. and restarting the server. 

sudo vi /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.json
sudo service omkd restart

When a new event is created, either after parsing or via create event the event details are pushed onto a queue.

Updates to the event as it passes through the EventAction pipeline and the key or keys "priority" "acknowledged" "action_checked" "notes" "status" changes, these updates will be pushed into the queue.

What it looks like when it is working:

Image Added

What does Re-enable Realtime mean?

Sometimes, the real time updates cannot be continued, for example if you reverse the sort order of the Date column, so the following is displayed:

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Currently Supported Screens