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  • Upgrading from NMIS8 compatible applications to NMIS9 compatible applications (V2 - Detailed)

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  • It is important to update nmis 9 first and leave running for a couple of poll cycles so inventory is created. nmis9 will create its own inventory, as this is now saved in the db and has a specific format. These data will be used for other scripts from the apps to migrate some data. 
  • opconfig and opevents share the same database in the old version. This is because the products database name should be changed to "nmis", the old database name. 
  • nmis8 didn't use mongo. This is because opConfig has its own nodes database. We don't want to replicate information, so now opConfig will use nmisng database to get the nodes information. We would need to use the opConfig migration script to porte port some specific configurations from the internal database to nmis.