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Usage: act=[action to take] [options...] act=discover url_base=... username=... password=.... role=... mirror=... act=<import_peers|export_peers|list_peers> act=delete_peer {cluster_id=...|server_name=...} act=pull [data_types=X...] [peers=Y] [force=t]
	    pull data types except nodes
	    primary <-- peers act=sync-all-nodes [peers=Y]
	    sync all node data from the primary to the pollers
	    primary --> peers act=sync-processed-nodes
	    sync node data based on changes done by opnodeNMIS9
	    primary --> peers act=import_config_data
	    for firsts installation, provide initial data (groups) act=cleanup simulate=f/t
	    clean metadata and files act=clean_orphan_nodes simulate=f/t
	    remove nodes with unknown cluster_id act=resync_nodes peer=server_name
	    remove the nodes from the poller in the primary and pull the nodes from the poller
	    primary <-- peers act=clean_data peer=server_name [all=true]
	    Like resync data but with all the data types
	    primary <-- peers
	    By default, cleanup just pull data
	    all=true includes nodes act=cleanup_poller simulate=f/t
	    from the pollers, clean duplicate configuration items and files act=check_duplicates
	    check for duplicate nodes act=get_status act=setup-db act=show_roles act=data_verify act=lock_peer {cluster_id=...|server_name=...} act=unlock_peer {cluster_id=...|server_name=...} act=peer_islocked {cluster_id=...|server_name=...}
	    Encryption key act=push_encryption_key 


Will sync the nodes processed by opnodeNMIS9

Code Block act=sync-processed-nodes