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NMIS 9.2.3 test protocol

Table of Contents


A total of 241 tests have been run on the NMIS 9.2.3, released on August 12, 2021, finding a total of 3 inconsistencies. 

State of the test environment

The test protocol has been executed in an operating environment described below:

Server features

Number of Nodes



6 GB                                


110 GB




CentOS 7

Fixes / Integrations


This is mainly a security release that includes the following improvements (Fixing CVE-2021-38550):

  • Prevent reflected cross site scripting.
  • Prevent stored cross site scripting.
  • As part of these security changes, some special characters no longer be available for node configuration fields like group names, including ;=()<>%'\/
  • Generate cookie http only.

Other improvements:

  • Fix For NMIS_IS_LOCKED that was not working.
  • Update logJsonEvent with all the event properties.
  • Added output options to
  • Updated models to better support the baseline tool: Common-database, Common-stats and Model-CiscoRouter.
  • Fixed running Host Resources plugin when SNMP or Node are down. 




  • Details of overlapping texts in tables.
Fixed by modifying the file /usr/local/nmis9/menu/css/dash8.css. 
  • NMIS_IS_LOCKED: NMIS remains active for almost 15 minutes
In validation.
  • When exporting history data from the Runtime Graph, the text "Invalid arguments, missing node!"
It will be reported as a ticket.


Updated test list document. NMIS 9.2.3 Test Protocol - English.xlsx

Document where each of the tests performed is evidenced. That will help to verify if in past versions it worked or not. 

Document where inconsistencies are described with the steps to reproduce the problems. Inconsistencies in NMIS 9.2.3.docx