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A minimum install of opEvents 4 requires NMIS 9 as the base and a minimum of 4vCPU and 8GBRam. However, operational system resource requirements will depend highly on the number of devices, interfaces being collected, additional syslog processing and maximum number of events / minute to bee handled. More information can be found HERE: Plan Server Requirements

Test Login Using Default Credentials


  1. Open /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.json
  2. Locate the "omkd_secrets" setting, change this to match the setting you copied from 'auth_web_key' earlier.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. If you changed this setting make sure to restart the omkd daemon

Setup Summary Reports

Scenario: The Operations Manager has formed a Tiger Team focused on improving the reliability, performance, and security of the network. He would like a report generated daily sent to the Tiger Team and NOC Manager, and a Weekly report to the Network Architect and himself. These reports will be used to task staff with investigation and remediation.

opEvents automatically creates detailed reports of all on processed events processed on a Daily, Weekly, and MOnthly Monthly basis. These reports opEvents can be emailed upon creation with the Daily Report going to the engineering Tiger Team/NOC Manager, and Weekly to Architect and Department Headconfigured to email these reports upon creation.

Report Configuration is covered in detail HERE: opEvents Summary Reports


Send an Email from an Event

Scenario: The NOC manager would like to receive an automated email for any service impacting event when the event is opened, and again when it closes or is Acknowledged.

One of the simplest responses to an event is to generate an email. You might generate an email for every event, just for events with a certain minimum Priority, only during certain times of day (or days of the week), etc. opEvents allows your Event Actions rules to be as generic or specific as you need them to be.