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/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=create-event node=DC-RTR-01 state=down event="Node Down" stateful="Node"


exec failed: Permission denied

In the Event Context of a Event where you have included the script, you see the following in the Scripts section under slacker:


You will need to restart the opEvents daemon after making this change.

Slack push notifications - This content can't be displayed.

You may find that Slack push notifications display a "This content can't be displayed" message on some operating systems. A quick modification to your will resolve this. Locate the following lines:

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               \"username\": \"$server opEvents Notifier\",\n

Then underneath both of these (there should be two lines), add the following. Below is an example, but you can modify as you see necessary. Ensure to verify your formatting once changes have been made.

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				\"text\": \"$node - $event - Priority: $prioritynum\",