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The Support Page

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Opmantek will usually request the Install Support JSON file and (if required) the Discovery Support export file. These allow us to examine more closely how your server is operating, without the need for an initial set of back-and-forth questions (saving both you and Opmantek time).


Install Support

From version 1.3.2 Open-AudIT includes a page titled Support. It is available at Menu -> Help -> Support. This is to be used as the first point of call when troubleshooting Open-AudIT issues. You can click the Export button on the top right to retrieve this as a JSON file (to be added to the support ticket / email.



Discovery Support

When investigating a Discovery, support will request the Exported Discovery Logs. To retrieve these, go to menu -> Discoveries -> List Discoveries. View the discovery in question, then click the Export Logs button in the top right toolbar.

This will provide the discovery settings, device list as well as the logs for this particular discovery.