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As of opCharts 3.0.0, MongoDB is required, the installer will help you install/upgrade to the newest 3.X version.

opCharts 3.5.2

 14 April 2021.

Upgrade Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in opCharts where a large amount MongoDB connections were created and retained.

opCharts 3.5.1

 30 March 2021.


(warning) This release requires updated licenses, please contact Opmantek Support to organise new licenses.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue when adding neighbors to node topology.


Released May 5th, 2020
opCharts 3.3.8 requires NMIS 8.6.2G

Bug Fixes

This release fixes a caching issue which caused high disk load when "nmisx_db_cache_enable" is set to true.


  • Refreshed login screen for all OMK applications
  • Improved node searching speed, set nmisx_db_cache_enable => 1 in opCommon to take advantage of this.
  • Chart editor now supports negative number in the multiply field
  • Stacked charts can now display min/max/avg values for the sum of the stack
  • Caching of subnets has been improved to decrease the risk of the file being locked when it needs to be read.
  • Updated systemd compatibility for Opmantek services, see more here.
  • Updated the logrotate script for systemd

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with update-subnet-dependancy
  • opCore Node editor was setting the wrong key for collect_snmp
  • Node editor logs the current user in the audit.log when node config is changed
  • Fixed issue where the failure flash message was not displayed
  • Fixed issue where monitored service graphs had no date-time value


  • Newly created maps now use the nodes UUID, this allows maps to be created which will not degrade over time when nodes names are changed.

    • Maps created with opCharts-3.3.4 and below still use the nodes name as its ID, any changes or additions to these older maps will continue using the node name

  • Nodes are now sortable by health

  • Metrics and Health now shows the status metric

  • Nodes view now uses case insensitive regex for searching.

  • Changed the colours of the link between the nodes based in the input and output utilisation: 

    • < 30 = green, 

    • >=30 <75 = yellow, 

    • >=75 <100 = orange, 

    • >=100 = red

    • If the utilisation information is not available, the colour will be based in the status:

      • Green: up 

      • Red: Down

      • Grey: Unknown

    • This colour guide can be changed in the configuration, with the following configuration items:

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_ok' => '#59cf59',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_normal' => '#ffd700',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_warn' => '#ffa500',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_error' => '#d9534f',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_up' => '#00FF00',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_down' => '#FF0000',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_uk' => '#999'

  •  Updated opCharts interface plugin, This is now run after every node update.

  •  New commands added to opcharts-cli to update the subnet dependencies: 

    • act=clear-all-node-depend: Clear all the nodes dependencies

    • act=update-subnet-dependancy: Update all the nodes subnet dependencies

    • New configuration items have been added:

    • 'opcharts_subnet_skip' => 'qr/(^127\.0\.0|^169.254\.|^192.168\.)/',

    • 'opcharts_router_names' => 'qr/^RTR/';

    • 'opcharts_router_skip' => 'qr/-router1$/'

  • Added search box to interfaces in business service.
  • Updated the opCharts.init.d service

Bug Fixes

  • opCore node location editor now correctly renders the delete modal
  • Expanded Menu drop downs are now clickable on mobile
  • Fixed issue where sorting multiple times in quick succession or any page other than 1 will cause the sorting to produce unexpected results
  • Fixed issue where custom group status in the panel would always show unreachable
  • Fixed Opmantek grid to filter results when the mode is in client
  • Fixed bin/patch_config that was failing under certain values
  • Fixed alert banner not displaying in the correct position


Released April 11, 2019
opCharts 3.3.4 requires NMIS 8.6.2G

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Issue where bulk updating nodes would force the updated node property collect to false.
  • Fixed issue where a dashboard component on initialization failure would stop the rest of the dashboard from rendering.


Released Feb 14, 2019
opCharts 3.3.3 requires NMIS 8.6.2G

Bug Fixes

  • Library dependency issues
  • Various bug fixes