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  • Node list performance has been improved significantly and will be noticeable on systems with higher node counts, particularly on the node list page and on and scheduled outage page. Authorization checks were being done inefficiently, this has been fixed. NMISx db caching is now the faster option, by default this config item is turned off, change nmisx_db_cache_enable to 1 to enable. Ability to sort by node health has been removed.
  • Performance of custom group status calculations has also been significantly improved, making maps with many custom groups load significantly faster.

  • Auto geographical maps available from a link on the Node list page, the Nodes location is taken from either it's Nodes.nmis entry or the lat/long in it's Location table entry, the Nodes.nmis fields names are location_latitude and location_longitude
  • Geographical maps will cluster items on the map that are too close together, set opcharts_maps_geographical_clustering to 0 to disable this feature
  • File Uploads, Map Icons and Backgrounds can now be uploaded through the web interface.
  • Collapsible Sidebar, below the sidebar, is a button to toggle the sidebar to be open or closed.
  • Improved Dashboard editing; While editing dashboards elements can be moved around by dragging its header and sizes changed by pulling the components bottom right corner.