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  • Remember, you must have root access to run the installer, so either use sudo or log in as root:

    Code Block# become root sudo sh # If using wget, for example, change into the directory you want to download the installer into cd /tmp # Here's an example of using wget to retrieve the installer from Opmantek's S3 server: wget http://dl-omk.opmantek



  • Start the interactive installer and follow its instructions. The installer now fully covers both initial installations as well as upgrades from earlier versions of opEvents.

    Code Block
    # Next, start the interactive installer and follow the prompts.
    sh ./
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing opEvents 2.4.1  100%
    opEvents (2.4.1) Installation script
    This installer will install opEvents into /usr/local/omk.
    To select a different installation location please rerun the 
    installer with the -t option.
    Ok to proceed with installation?
    Type 'y' or <Enter> to accept, or 'n' to decline:

  • The installer will interactively guide you through the steps of installing opEvents. Please make sure to read the on-screen prompts carefully.
  • When the installer finishes, opEvents is installed into /usr/local/omk, and the default configuration files are in /usr/local/omk/conf, ready for your initial config adjustments.
  • A detailed log of the installation process is saved as /usr/local/omk/install.log, and subsequent upgrades or installations of other Opmantek products will add to that logfile.