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Port #ProtocolService NameConnection InitiationAppNotes
389TCPLDAPServer to LDAP ServerOAUser authentication and/or authorisation
636TCPLDAPSServer to LDAP ServerOAUser authentication and/or authorisation

Optional Collector Server traffic

If you are using Collectors for remote auditing you should consider the following.

Port #ProtocolService NameConnection InitiationAppNotes
80TCPHTTPCollector to ServerOANot secure. Use HTTPS below instead if required
443TCPHTTPSCollector to serverOARequires HTTPS/TLS setup on the Server to operate.

Note: You may also wish to consider the day to day administration of the operating system and open-audit configurations on the server e.g. enable ssh access to the device.


Microsoft’s DCOM/WMI services typically use a large range of random ports to function.