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Property NameDescription

The internal name of the node. This is used for identifying and displaying the node, not for communication with the node!


The DNS name, unqualified host name or main IP address for this  node. Using a fully qualified DNS host name is recommended.


A list containing any secondary IP addresses that should also be associated with this node.
This list is often empty. NMIS does not use this property.


The (single) group that this node belongs to, which is used to control what nodes  a user is allowed to see.


Free-form notes for a node, which are shown on the relevant context pages. (optional)

commentsA list of originator- and time-tagged comments for this node. (optional, supported in opEvents 2.0 and newer)
locationThe location of the node. (optional)
businessServiceThe service the node provides. (optional)


The current version of opEvents, 1.2.36, does not make use of product-specific properties.