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titleProduct Compatibility

This document relates to opCharts-3, opConfig-3 and opEvents-3. We are currently in the process updating this to reflect our next generation of products using NMIS9

A number of Opmantek products use a common node configuration infrastructure, which supports standard, product-specific and custom node attributes. This page describes both the core properties and outlines the product-specific ones.


For the new product generation, opEvents and opConfig use the same collection where NMIS 9 saves this data. The properties shown in italic are not directly interpreted by the applications and are completely optional.

Property NameDescription
uuidA unique identifier of the node

The internal name of the node. This is used for identifying and displaying the node, not for communication with the node!

cluster_idThe identifier for the server. Indicates that this is a local node when is the same that the cluster_id specified in the NMIS 9 config file.

The DNS name, unqualified host name or main IP address for this  node. Using a fully qualified DNS host name is recommended.


A list containing any secondary IP addresses that should also be associated with this node.
This list is often empty. NMIS does not use this property.

The (single) group that this node belongs to, which is used to control what nodes  a user is allowed to see.


Free-form notes for a node, which are shown on the relevant context pages. (optional)

configuration.commentsA list of originator- and time-tagged comments for this node. (optional, supported in opEvents 2.0 and newer)
configuration.locationThe location of the node. (optional)
configuration.businessServiceThe service the node provides. (optional)

Properties for Licensing And Activation


titleopConfig 4
  This properties are accesible accessible in the configuration hash. As an example, platform should be accessed as configuration.os_info.platform


Property NameDescription
activewhether the node is active and handled by NMIS or should be ignored
collectwhether SNMP data should be collected from this node
pingwhether reachability statistics should be collected for this node

what type of device this is (default: "automatic")

versionsnmpv1, snmpv2c or snmpv3; relevant only if collect is true
communityread-only community string for access using snmpv1 or snmpv2c
netTypewan or lan
roleTypecore, access or distribution
authentication parameters for SNMP Version 3
portwhich port to use for SNMP access (default: 161)
timezonewhich timezone this system is in, numeric offset
webserverwhether the node runs a webserver.
if true, a link to the node is presented in the NMIS GUI
thresholdwhether thresholds are to be processed for this node
cbqoswhether Quality of Service data should be collected for this node
(if the device and model support QoS)

titleNMIS 9
  This properties are accessible in the configuration hash. As an example, collect should be query as configuration.collect