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  • NMIS8 should be patched or updated to the correct level.
  • Install mySQL (very brief steps)
    • yum install mysql
    • yum install mysql-server (this should install DBI and DBD::mysql for Perl as well)
    • chkconfig mysqld on
    • service mysqld start
    • /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation
    • service mysqld start
  • Install mySQL (Debian/Ubuntu)
    • apt-get install mysql-server
    • apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev
    • sysv-rc-conf mysql on
    • service mysql start
    • /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation
    • service mysql restart
  • If not already installed, install the Perl CPAN package DBD::mysql (which may require you to install DBI first)
    • For Debian/Ubuntu, just run:
      • perl -MCPAN -e "shell"cpan
      • install DBD::mysql
  • Copy the opSLA tarball to the server (a tarball is a GZIP'd tar file, e.g. opsla-2012-05-09-1315.tar.gz)
    1. You may need to use SCP or FTP to get the file onto the server.
  • Change into the directory where the tarball was copied (the file will now likely be in the users home directory)
  • Untar the file and copy the contents to NMIS8