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'nmisdb' => 'nmisdb',
'db_server' => 'localhost',
'db_port' => '3306',
'db_user' => 'nmis',
'db_password' => 'nmis' 

Setting Up mySQL

To setup mySQL you should run /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation and following the instructions.

If you are using the Opmantek Virtual Appliance, we have already done this and you will find the passwords you need in this article, Default Credentials (Passwords) for NMIS8 VM.

Create NMIS Database

When setting up mySQL 

Access mysql from the command line and login as the root user


When prompted, use the password you setup when you ran /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation or from Default Credentials (Passwords) for NMIS8 VM

Enter the following SQL commands to create the database.