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  • Managing Servers and Services with NMIS8

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Parameter NameRelevant for which Service TypeDescription
NameallEvery service definition must have a unique service name.
In NMIS fersions versions before 8.6.2 this also sets the script name for type script.
Service_TypeallEvery service must specify the type of check to perform.
Descriptionalloptional, free from text
Service_Nameservice, dns, script

service: Regular expression to match by process name
dns: DNS domain or host to look up
NMIS 8.6.2 and up: script: sets the script name

Service_ParametersserviceRegular expression to match by executable path and process arguments
Poll_Intervalall except serviceSNMP-based services are only checked during a type=collect poll cycle
Portport and scriptport: The TCP or UDP Port number to perform a connect check on.
script: The TCP port to perform scripted communication on on.
Programprogram and nagios-pluginThe external program or plugin that performs the actual service test
Argsprogram and nagios-pluginThe arguments for that external program
Max_Runtimeprogram and nagios-pluginHow long to let that program run at  most
Collect_Outputprogram and nagios-pluginWhether the program output should be collected and stored