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  • NMIS8 - A Quick Getting Started Guide

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The default configuration that NMIS8 ships with can be turned into a working system fairly quickly. If you are looking to get NMIS8 set-up quickly and just want the basics to start off with, this is the guide for you. If you are looking for more in-depth descriptions see NMIS8 Configuration. If you haven't downloaded NMIS yet, you can access the software here.

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It is often advantageous to group individual nodes, or devices, into Groups to improve dashboard views and reporting. This is especially important when working with opMapsopCharts, as it allows geographical notification of group status, reducing the number of icons being represented.

While NMIS ships with a set of default Groups built-in, most users will want to add custom groupings. Groups are single level and cannot be nested. Therefore, it is imperative some thought and consideration be given to the creation of groups and assignment of nodes. If you plan to use opMaps use opCharts you should consider creating Groups based on a specific geographic location. Otherwise, Group definition is most often defined by device type (Routers, switches, etc), business function (core, perimeter, offsite, etc), or manufacturer (Cisco, Juniper, etc).


For more detailed information on any of these topics or any other topics that are not covered here see NMIS8 Configuration