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NMIS provides a number of different methods for managing your nodes, both GUI-based and commandline-oriented. This document describes the commandline tools present in versions 8.5.4 and newer.

Import nodes to NMIS9 from NMIS8

To import nodes from NMIS8 to NMIS9 copy /path/to/nmis8/conf/Nodes.nmis to /tmp/ on NMIS9 installation then:

Code Block
/usr/local/nmis9/admin/ act=import_bulk nodes="/tmp/Nodes.nmis"

Caveats: you can not import a node to a server if there is already a node existing with that name, you should rename the node before importing.

Bulk Import and Export

For importing lots of nodes in one go from a CSV file, NMIS has been providing  admin/ for a long time. There is also a sibling admin/ tool, and both are documented on the Bulk Import page. The main benefit of these tools is utmost simplicity, but at the cost of some flexibility: import_nodes does not make all common node properties controllable or accessible.