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The options property can hold sub-properties that fine-tune opReports' behaviourbehavior. There are a few common options that are shared by all reports:

  • Option title lets you specify a custom title for the report. The value must be a string.
  • Option homelink lets you specify a custom banner, to be displayed only for a standalone HTML report and above the actual report (title and body).
    The value of this option must be a string that contains the raw HTML to be shown.
  • Option email lets you specify one or more recipients for report delivery by email. The value must be a comma separated list of email addresses. opReports will email the report to all listed email addresses, with all selected output formats as attachments.
  • Option node_naming lets you change how node names are displayed.
    If not set (the default), nodes are displayed with their plain node name.
    If set to display_name, the NMIS property display_name will be used if it's present for a node; if not, the plain node name is used.
    This is supported in opReports 3.0.8 and NMIS 8.6 onwardsonward.
  • Option interface_naming lets you change how interface names are displayed.
    If not set or set to the default value Description, the interface's Description property is used (in NMIS that corresponds to the ifDescr or ifAlias property).
    If set to a different interface property name, that property's value is used.
    This is supported in opReports 3.0.10 and NMIS 8.6 onwardsonward.

The Node Availability and Interface Capacity reports support option embedgraphs (value true or false), which controls whether graphs are embedded into the graph. The Report Descriptions page describes this feature in more detail.