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Node Resource API

Nodes are gathered from the NMIS installation on the existing server.  Each node has a list of resources.  Each resource can either be indexed or non-indexed.  If non-indexed each resource contains a list of datasets (which are individual data points over time, eg. avgbusy5).  If indexed, the resource contains an array, each element in that array contains datasets.


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Get Node Resources
Get Node Resources
GET node resources (fetch resources for a single node)


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  "name": "cbqos-out",
  "datum": [
      "classes": [
      "resource_id": "cbqos-out",
      "value": "2",
      "active": 1,
      "url": "/omk/opCharts/nodes/asgard/resources/cbqos-out/datasets",
      "tokens": [
      "name": "WAN/DSL -- FastEthernet0/1 -- 2"
  "header": "cbqos-out"


Performance Data

GET/POST node resource dataset (fetch data for a single dataset from a node resource)


  1. Request NMIS dataset information for a specific dataset from an RRD file (nmis_rrd)
  2. Request NMIS graph information, this provides the same data that is displayed in NMIS graphs and are defined by nmis Graph-*.nmis files (nmis_graph)


 The request structure is not simple. The required inputs are resource, dataset, possibly index.  

Required Parameters



requestData (struct)


modelstring"nmis_rrd" or "nmis_graph". nmis_rrd will provide data directly as it is in the RRD files. nmis_graph will provide data after running it through the manipulations done by the NMIS graph
model_viewstring"graph", no other options supported at this time
data_sourcestring"local_nmis", no other options supported at this time
optionsstruct* can be empty for now, so just {}

start_date_rawnumberunix time for data to start
end_date_rawnumberunix time for data to end
nodestringnode name, found using GET node

If using nmis_rrd: maps to a resource found using Get Node Resources (value attribute, which is the ID).

If using nmis_graph: maps to the name of the graph if not indexed, maps to the same as nmis_rrd if indexed

fieldstringOnly used for nmis_rrd: maps to the dataset required found using GET node resource datasets (value attribute of desired dataset)
resource_indexstring/numberIf the resource is indexed, the index of the resource required, found using GET node resource indexes

Only used if the resource is indexed:

 nmis_rrd: same as graph_type

nmis_graph: the name of the graph

itemstringCBQoS class name, found by using "Get node resource index"
axisnumber0 or 1, the axis the dataset will group itself into, usually 0
modestringIf using nmis_rrd: Defines the "Consolidation Function" that is used to on the data when it needs to change resolution. Defaults to AVERAGE, other options: MAX, MIN. If changes have been made to default settings not all of these may be available for all time periods

If using nmis_graph: mode/CF functions are built into the graph definitions, after changing the definition reloading the dataset the data will use the new definition.



Request  Example

Code Block
  "requestData": { # remove "requestData" here if posting
    "model": "nmis_rrd",
    "model_view": "graph",
    "data_source": "local_nmis",
    "parameters": {      
      "start_date_raw": 1401346748,
      "end_date_raw": 1401951548,
      "node": "asgard",
      "graph_type": "nodehealth",
      "field": "avgBusy5",
      "resource_index": "",      
      "index_graph_type": "",
      "axis": "0"      
    "options": {