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Here is an example:

Code Block
'collect' => {
  'Description' => '(CNOC|Collection)',
  'ifDescr' => '(FastEthernet|ATM)',
'nocollect' => {
  'ifOperStatus' => 'null',
  'ifDescr' => 'sublayer|null|controller',
  'Description' => '^#',
  'noDescription' => 'true',
  'ifType' => 'other|softwareloopback|propVirtual|slip'


Please note that changing any entries in the "nocollect" section will only begin to affect nodes when the next type=update operation is performed (which by default is once every 24hrs).


Global Overrides

The per-model criteria also interact with (and can be overridden by) certain global settings. Here are the relevant defaults as shipped with NMIS' Config.nmis:


NMIS includes a feature which will disable collecting of interfaces which are down for a period of time, by default, this is 30 days, this is because if down for 1 month, it is likely the interface is not being used anymore.  This feature can be disabled by setting the value in the Config.nmis for global_nocollect_interface_down_days to a very high number, like 5000 or more.  Or the interface can be set in Node Config to always collect.