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Devices are the core item of interest to Open-AudIT. This page contains links to pages with information, how-to's and FAQ's that we hope will answer all your questions.

Device Naming

A device in Open-AudIT has an Open-AudIT specific name. This is distinct from its hostname, dns hostname, sysName or any other retrieved attribute. Open-AudIT will populate the name attribute based on the information it has determined about a device. The name can be overwritten by the user at any time. Where possible, the first option will be chosen and where possible on subsequent audits, will be changed to the first option: hostname, dns_hostname, sysName, IP address.

Device Matching

How do we determine if a discovered device already exists in the Open-AudIT database?

Matching Devices

Device Attributes and Change Detection

How do we store information about various parts of a device we have audited?

Matching and Storing Device Attributes

SQL Schema

What does the database schema look like? If you have the admin role in Open-AudIT you can view the database tables at /open-audit/index.php/database or by going to Menu -> Admin -> Database -> List Tables. Clicking on a database table will show the structure of that table.

DB Schema - system table

DB Schema - component tables


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