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This new access method replaces the old admin_org controller and functions.

Creating an Organisation

To make another location go to menu -> Admin -> Organisations -> Create Organisation.

View Organisation Details

Go to menu -> Admin -> Organisations -> List Organisations.

You will see a list of available organisations. You can view an organisation by clicking on the it's ID (in green). You can also edit or delete the organisation (if delete is permitted). You cannot delete the Default Organisation.

You will also see a list of the devices assigned to that particular organisation.

Organisations are stored in the database in the "oa_org" table. A typical entry will look as below. 

       id: 0
     name: Default Organisation
parent_id: 0
 group_id: 3

API / Web Access?

You can access the /orgs collection using the normal Open-AudIT JSON based API. Just like any other collection. Please see the API documentation for further details.

API Routes

Request Method
Resulting Function
URL Example
Example Response
GETn collection/orgsReturns a list of organisations.orgs_collection.json
GETy read/orgs/{id}Returns an organisation's details.orgs_read.json
PATCHy update/orgs/{id}Update an attribute of an organisations entry.orgs_patch.json
POSTn create/orgsInsert a new organisations entry.orgs_create.json
DELETEy delete/orgs/{id}Delete an organisations entry.orgs_delete.json

Web Application Routes

Request Method
Resulting Function
URL Example
GETncreatecreate_form/orgs/createDisplays a standard web form for submission to POST /orgs.
GETyupdateupdate_form/orgs/{id}/updateShow the networks details with the option to update attributes using PATCH to /orgs/{id}






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