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This is a brief overview of the major changes between opCharts releases.

Note: as of opCharts 3.0.0, MongoDB is required, the installer will help you install/upgrade to the newest 3.X version.

opCharts 4.0.9

Released October 31st, 2019

  • New Remote Data component to get JSON data from other services and display on dashboards.
    • This can be used to show data from other Opmnatek Applications APIS using our token authentication on
    • Example widget showing weather from the Gold Coast included
    • Documentation on creating remote data widgets
  • Fixed issue where clicking Full screen on a dashboard would fail to render.
  • Event History, change in logic to show the event is displayed
  • Fixed the Node api and versioned it to v2

opCharts 4.0.8 Beta

Released October 10th, 2019
opCharts 4.0.8 requires NMIS 9.0.8

  • The Metrics and Health component has been extended to group by any node configuration property.
    • This is set in opCommon.nmis opcharts_metric_summarise_by, you need to define an array of hashes, with key and name
    •     {
            'key' => 'group',
            'name' => 'Group'

    • If more than one selector is defined on the top left of the Metrics and Health component a dropdown is shown to change which confiuration item the nodes are grouped by.
    • Metrics and Health gauges are now rendered in one row which are scroll-able to the right.
    • Metrics and Health links now correctly affect the nodes filter when clicked.
    • Metrics and Health is now searchable on the currently selected column.
  • New Event History component which utilizes the NMIS9 events DB
    • For this to work in opCharts you need to set keep_event_history => 'true' in NMIS9 Config.nmis
    • Consideration should be given to the volume of data on the pollers and master and how much event history will be kept, by default NMIS9 will keep 7 days of event history which is configured in Config.nmis/purge_event_after (7*86400), if having problems viewing event history, reduce the number of days and purge the data.
    • This component replaces the old tail log event viewer but if you want to use the old component change opcharts_db_event_history to 0 in opCommon.nmis
    • Currently websockets are not enabled, this component is set to refresh period
  • Revised Events screen to utilize the new Event History component
  • Fixed issue where adding a group to a map would cause the node selection modal to appear
  • Fixed issue where the nodes interfaces panel which shows interfaces with oper status down would fail to render
  • Fixed issue where the nodes interface component would incorrectly show certain interfaces
  • Fixed issue where the node selector on the nodes screen will fail to render if a group name is numeric
  • Fixed issue where the TopN table text would not correctly space the table contents
  • Fixed issue where a node info panel would cause a 500 if the node does not exist

opCharts 4.0.7A Beta

Released August 29th, 2019
opCharts 4.0.7A requires NMIS 9.0.6

  • Fixed issue in the TopN Query where it would show no data for an nmis user

  • Improved TopN Performance

    • If you do not have the latest NMIS9 add 'opcharts_optimized_topn_query' => 0 to opCommon

    • If you user has all groups you could be shown reduced topn results if a node was in the topN in the last 15 minutes and has since been removed.
  • Fixed issue where Metrics and Health component on a dashboard would not scroll

  • Fixed bug that was failing to check permissions for a subnet.

opCharts 4.0.7 Beta

Released August 22th, 2019
opCharts 4.0.7 requires NMIS 9.0.6

  • Fix TopN query error in master servers with lots of data from the poller servers. The error was a MongoDB::DatabaseError: operation exceeded time limit.
  • New Admin function to set many user's default dashboard:
    • ./ act=import-user-dashboard name=dashboard-name users='user1, user2, ...'

  • Fixed changing the default dashboard for a user in the GUI. 
  • NMIS button works for non local servers now: Redirects to the NMIS node poller view. 
  • GUI improvements:
    • Fixed size in NMIS button (Nodes View) and set visible as default.
    • Improve view for long group names in Metrics and Health view, not overflowing.
    • Improve the view for long names in TopN table.
  • Support for watching monitored services graphs from the poller servers in the master. 
  • Fixed bug that prevented hiding ssh button in node info panel where it was disabled using opcharts_gui_display_node_ssh.
  • Fixed bug that was failing to check permissions for a subnet.

opCharts 4.0.6 Beta

Released July 19th, 2019
opCharts 4.0.6 requires NMIS 9.0.4

  • Metrics and Health component has been rewritten to support Master and Poller, this is done over the whole active nodes collection on the current server.
    • When you have nodes from different pollers Gauges are used to shows the current groups Reachability
    • If you want to change which metric the gauge can display copy omk/lib/json/opCharts/components.d/nmis_network_health.json into omk/conf/components.d
      • change "gaugeDataSource" to one of the desired values
        • avg_available or avg_16_available
        • avg_health or avg_16_health
        • avg_reachable or avg_16_reachable
        • metric or metric_16
        • status
      • Change "gaugeTitle" to a desired title
    • In poller mode where only the current polled nodes are on the server Metrics and Health will show the current NMIS Network Health chart
  • Added "websocket_proxy_port" to opCommon, this can be used to override which port the web client should connect its web-socket to.
  • Node searching has been rewritten, now much faster.
    • You can search over the nodes
      • Name
      • Host
      • Group
  • Fixed issue where the Node list could not be exported to csv. Use opcharts_node_list_exporttocsv to configure which fields to export
  • Fixed issue where some pages would not resize correctly when hiding the sidebar
  • Fixed node panels KPI colouring by level.
  • View node on local NMIS now correctly uses the nmis9 URL defined in opCommon
  • Added View Nodes on poller, more can be found Here

opCharts 4.0.5 Beta

Released July 5th, 2019
opCharts 4.0.5 requires NMIS 9.0.3

  • Fixed issue where a node name is numeric fails to display in a geo map
  • When you are shipping poller logs to the master these can be displayed for the node my changing the config option 'opcharts_event_log_type' => 'poller_event_log' 
    • These logs are expected to be in the default NMIS9 directory for logs <nmis_logs>/poller_event.log 
    • NOTE: refer to Config.nmis for your setting of <nmis_logs>, it defaults to /usr/local/nmis9/logs/
  • If you wish to hide the event log widget for nodes you can set 'opcharts_gui_node_eventlog_display' => 'false'
  • Fixed issue where 'auth_default_groups' => 'all' would not allow access to 'all' group
    • Set auth_default_groups & auth_default_privilege in opCommon to use this feature.
  • Monitored services: This view will show monitored services from the poller nodes. 
  • Bug fix to show IP address and mask on inventory and interface list. 
  • Node panels now correctly show Health Kpi and Response Time
  • In an MSP environment and wish to hide popup notification errors to users bar users with administrator privileged use 'omk_gui_show_user_errors' => 'false'

opCharts 4.0.4 Beta

Released June 25th, 2019
opCharts 4.0.4 requires NMIS 9.0.2

  • Retry requests after error trying to get rrd graphs from poller nodes. New parameters on the configuration file were added:
    •     'opCharts_num_retry' => 3, (By default 3 times)
    •     'opCharts_connection_delay' => 5 (By default 5 seconds waiting between retries)
  • Subnets are now cached in the background, this is done by a NMIS9 plugin on install/upgrade, or can be found under install as
    • opcharts_subnet_cache_expire_time is how long they will live for
    • opcharts_subnet_cache_update_time is the minimum period the cache will run, as it happens after NMIS updates this stops the cache being run too frequently which can cause high load.
  • Subnet cache can be manually run with the opCharts CLI, with act=import-subnets
    • Using force=true will ignore opcharts_subnet_cache_update_time
  • Fixes in timing for how charts request data form the sever

opCharts 4.0.3 Beta

Released June 7th, 2019
opCharts 4.0.3 requires NMIS 9.0.1

  • Fixed issue where the node panel would not show the nodes name or group
  • Fixed issue where your preferences page would not load
  • You can now search for an ifIndex under Inventory → Interfaces
  • Fixed issue where node resources not backed by an rrd graph would be displayed
  • Fixed issue where a user who has been given groups to view could not use the node filter

opCharts 4.0.3 Beta

Released June 7th, 2019
opCharts 4.0.3 requires NMIS 9.0.1

  • Fixed issue where the node panel would not show the nodes name or group
  • Fixed issue where your preferences page would not load
  • You can now search for an ifIndex under Inventory → Interfaces
  • Fixed issue where node resources not backed by an rrd graph would be displayed
  • Fixed issue where a user who has been given groups to view could not use the node filter

opCharts 4.0.2 Beta

Released May 23, 2019
opCharts 4.0.2 requires NMIS 9.0.1

  • Hidden node resources which are appended by _raw
    • (warning) Note you cannot use _raw when naming a node resource with NMIS9
  • Fixed issue where node resources would overflow its panel
  • Fixed issue where a split graph vertical label would be undef
  • Searching Interfaces under inventory now use iregex
  • Ported opCharts3 Features to 4
    • Metrics and Health chart component and view
    • Event Log component
    • Improved Node search
    • RBAC fixes
    • Map performance improvements
    • Other Various bug fixes
  • Remove add to dashboard button for TopN, these can be added through Dashboard Components

opCharts 3.3.6

To Be Released November 27, 2019
opCharts 3.3.6 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Refreshed login screen for all OMK applications
  • Chart editor now supports negative number in the multiply field
  • Stacked charts can now display min/max/avg values for the sum of the stack
  • Caching of subnets has been improved to decrease the risk of the file being locked when it needs to be read.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with update-subnet-dependancy
  • opCore Node editor was setting the wrong key for collect_snmp
  • Node editor logs the current user in the audit.log when node config is changed
  • Fixed issue where the failure flash message was not displayed
  • Fixed issue where monitored service graphs had no date-time value

opCharts 3.3.5

Released September 24, 2019
opCharts 3.3.5 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Newly created maps now use the nodes UUID, this allows maps to be created which will not degrade over time when nodes names are changed.

    • Maps created with opCharts-3.3.4 and below still use the nodes name as its ID, any changes or additions to these older maps will continue using the node name

  • Nodes are now sortable by health

  • Metrics and Health now shows the status metric

  • Nodes view now uses case insensitive regex for searching.

  • Changed the colours of the link between the nodes based in the input and output utilisation: 

    • < 30 = green, 

    • >=30 <75 = yellow, 

    • >=75 <100 = orange, 

    • >=100 = red

    • If the utilisation information is not available, the colour will be based in the status:

      • Green: up 

      • Red: Down

      • Grey: Unknown

    • This colour guide can be changed in the configuration, with the following configuration items:

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_ok' => '#59cf59',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_normal' => '#ffd700',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_warn' => '#ffa500',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_error' => '#d9534f',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_up' => '#00FF00',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_down' => '#FF0000',

      • 'opcharts_map_link_color_uk' => '#999'

  •  Updated opCharts interface plugin, This is now run after every node update.

  •  New commands added to opcharts-cli to update the subnet dependencies: 

    • act=clear-all-node-depend: Clear all the nodes dependencies

    • act=update-subnet-dependancy: Update all the nodes subnet dependencies

    • New configuration items have been added:

    • 'opcharts_subnet_skip' => 'qr/(^127\.0\.0|^169.254\.|^192.168\.)/',

    • 'opcharts_router_names' => 'qr/^RTR/';

    • 'opcharts_router_skip' => 'qr/-router1$/'

  • Added search box to interfaces in business service.
  • Updated the opCharts.init.d service

Bug Fixes

  • opCore node location editor now correctly renders the delete modal
  • Expanded Menu drop downs are now clickable on mobile
  • Fixed issue where sorting multiple times in quick succession or any page other than 1 will cause the sorting to produce unexpected results
  • Fixed issue where custom group status in the panel would always show unreachable
  • Fixed Opmantek grid to filter results when the mode is in client
  • Fixed bin/patch_config that was failing under certain values
  • Fixed alert banner not displaying in the correct position

opCharts 3.3.4

Released April 11, 2019
opCharts 3.3.4 requires NMIS 8.6.2G

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Issue where bulk updating nodes would force the updated node property collect to false.
  • Fixed issue where a dashboard component on initialization failure would stop the rest of the dashboard from rendering.

opCharts 3.3.3

Released Feb 14, 2019
opCharts 3.3.3 requires NMIS 8.6.2G

Bug Fixes

  • Library dependency issues
  • Various bug fixes

opCharts 3.3.2

Released Dec 5, 2018
opCharts 3.3.2 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Metrics and Health component from NMIS can be added to a dashboard or be found under the Views menu
  • Topological and Network map rendering improvements
  • NMIS Locations and Groups are editable within opCore and opCharts under System.
  • New node editor which supports
    • Node collect is based on snmp_collect and wmi_collect, future NMIS versions will take these new flags into account.
    • Editing of nodes, locations and groups is editing the local NMIS config
    • Editing of nodes in opCore and opCharts updates opEvents and opConfig nodes collection if these products are installed, this is an always on behaviour
    • Creating or editing of nodes takes a couple of minutes to show up through opCharts
    • SNMPv3 credentials
    • WMI credentials
    • Bulk updating of nodes
    • Editing of current nodes
    • Creation of new Nodes
    • Notes
  • Outage Editor now supports selector
  • File management is now able to delete files
  • Event log viewer has been rewritten for speed and usability
  • New config option to force WebSockets over a certain port, needed for secure WebSockets and Apache socket proxy
    • websocket_proxy_port under opCommon
  • Create a real-time graph when viewing an interface, this creates a new collector using the current interfaces snmp index 
    • The default poller is a config option in opCommon.nmis opcharts_interface_graph_default_poller defaults to "Interface Utilisation - High Speed" on install
  • New colour for major events based on the NMIS8 major colour.
  • Certain node resources now prepend ifDescr
  • Node searching on all opCharts pages
    • Node searching uses AJAX, prefetching config option has been removed.
  • Go back button, when going between applications you can click the go-back button by the breadcrumbs
  • If a collector is collecting an interface its ifDescr will be shown in the collectors table.
  • When creating a new collector and the polling definition is for an interface you can quick search the selected nodes interfaces which will make it easier to find the snmp_index
  • Maps now have a button to refocus geo-maps


  • Giving read dashboard permissions to an RBAC user would only give access for the first component.
  • Spanish translation updated
  • Nodes view and topn view wrongly showed filter button.
  • Dashboards other than the default can be shown again on the home screen
  • Improved robustness and reduced external dependencies

opCharts 3.3.0

Released Aug 15, 2018

opCharts 3.3.0 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • New getting started wizard. For getting opCharts, NMIS and our other Opmantek applications going faster we have introduced a new wizard help guide you through the initial steps of a new installation.
    • Setting the 'nmis' users password
    • Base URL & Hostname
    • Mail Settings
    • Quick node editor for SNMP v1 & v2 devices (Editing of SNMPv3 devices should be done through the NMIS node tool)
  • The getting started wizard pushes settings out to the local NMIS8 Installation if required, this happens when the base_url and hostname inside opCommon and NMIS8 config match.
  • Any config changes made through the node quick node editor and general settings will version the file, these can be found in /usr/local/nmis8/backups and /usr/local/omk/backups respectively. Versioned files follow the name configname.extension.version these increment from the last highest version. 50 versions of a config file will be kept, this can be configured in opCommon find the key max_backup_files
  • omk_backup key inside opCommon can be used to change where omk versioned config files are kept
  • The new editor can be found on the app landing page /omk

opCharts 3.2.9

Released Jun 22, 2018

opCharts 3.2.9 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Node list sorting was broken for all columns except node name
  • Stacks in NMIS graphs would report value of 0 instead of null when no value should have been displayed
  • Network Maps with links would not load properly.

opCharts 3.2.8

Released May 31, 2018

opCharts 3.2.8 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Memory leak introduced into common DataController component in opCharts 3.2.6
  • Subnet cache not being used correctly and causing it to be refreshed on every access

opCharts 3.2.7

Released May 3, 2018

opCharts 3.2.7 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Added grid search box to node list, columns available for searching are controlled by opCharts_node-list.json
  • Dynamic geographical maps, nodes on map generated using a filter generated by node list view. From the node list view, select whatever filters desired, then click "View in geographical map", in the top right of the component there are now two options for creating a map from this view, "Create static map" and "Create dynamic map". The static map will use the current filter and save the list of nodes into the map, the dynamic map will save the filter into the map and the list of nodes will be generated each time the map is loaded. Note: a refresh of the map to get new status information will not add/remove nodes, a full page refresh is required to make this happen.
  • Geographic maps that have many nodes in the exact same spot will now fan them out when clicked so all nodes form that spot can be seen.
  • Adding a link to a network map or topographical map now allows selecting the line width and color.


  • Interfaces view was slow when there was a large number of interfaces, this was due to authorisation checks being done on more interfaces than were being viewed, this has been fixed.
  • When adding a new outage, the modal could take a long time to load/find nodes, this is now properly paginated and should be much faster
  • collector imports no longer require the collector being imported to have a name (they are stripped out of the definition when exporting, the name is auto-generated on creation so we have a quick human readable attribute when analysing data)
  • Adding a link to a Network map was broken, it is now fixed.

opCharts 3.2.6

Released March 14, 2018

opCharts 3.2.6 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Node list performance has been improved significantly and will be noticeable on systems with higher node counts, particularly on the node list page and on and scheduled outage page. Authorization checks were being done inefficiently, this has been fixed. NMISx db caching is now the faster option, by default this config item is turned off, change nmisx_db_cache_enable to 1 to enable. Ability to sort by node health has been removed.
  • Performance of custom group status calculations has also been significantly improved, making maps with many custom groups load significantly faster.

  • Auto geographical maps available from a link on the Node list page, the Nodes location is taken from either it's Nodes.nmis entry or the lat/long in it's Location table entry, the Nodes.nmis fields names are location_latitude and location_longitude
  • Geographical maps will cluster items on the map that are too close together, set opcharts_maps_geographical_clustering to 0 to disable this feature
  • File Uploads, Map Icons and Backgrounds can now be uploaded through the web interface.
  • Collapsible Sidebar, below the sidebar, is a button to toggle the sidebar to be open or closed.
  • Improved Dashboard editing; While editing dashboards elements can be moved around by dragging its header and sizes changed by pulling the components bottom right corner.


  • Resource lock bug when editing maps, if any resource was being edited the map could not be saved saying the lock had been stolen.
  • Scheduled Outages now requires at least one value for it to be created, throws a validation error if the form is not completed.
  • Dashboard chart components are now responsive to the width of the browser window.

opCharts 3.2.5

Released January 24, 2018

opCharts 3.2.5 requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • RBAC users can now have default dashboards, setting them from the dashboard or from their preferences page, administrators can set default dashboards for all users.  Defaults for all users can be set using the user 'skel_user' in UserPreferences.nmis
  • Topology Maps: When adding subnets automatically add all nodes in point-to-point subnets
  • TopN exporter can have sparkline data export disabled using opcharts_topn_include_sparklines
  • TopN exporter now writes a pid file to /tmp and only allows one TopN export process to run at a time


  • Subnet cache was not being invalidated/recalculated properly, it is now. This means auto-toplogy maps should show more complete and connected subnets.

opCharts 3.2.4

Released November 16th, 2017

Please note that the licensing system has been updated, and older licenses may not work for opCharts 3.2.4: You will have to obtain an updated license for this version of opCharts if you run into issues.
You can check your licenses by visiting the My Licenses page; If unsure about your options, please email

opCharts 3.2.4 now requires NMIS 8.6.2G


  • Scheduled Outage GUI, now you can create outages from opCharts > view > Scheduled Outages.
    • Add a description to go along with the change ID
    • TimePeriod picker for frequency of once
    • Autocomplete node selection
    • Select any property which is exposed through the node selector table, this can autocomplete 
    • Paste in comma separated nodes which will automatically tokenize
    • Stack selectors to allow fine-grained control over which nodes are included in the outage, Each selector is interpreted as an AND
  • Outage list to see what current outages are current and allow administration of outages.
  • Node info shows if the node is currently in an outage
    • Shows current outage change id/id's
    • Show future outage change id/id's
  • Charts now make a single request for data per chart, this can be disabled using the config item opcharts_gui_chart_bulk_request
  • use config item nmisx_db_cache_enable to cache NMIS data in the DB, this feature is off by default 

opCharts 3.2.2

Released October 25, 2017

Please note that the licensing system has been updated, and older licenses may not work for opCharts 3.2.2: You will have to obtain an updated license for this version of opCharts if you run into issues.
You can check your licenses by visiting the My Licenses page; If unsure about your options, please email


  • Resources (charts/maps/business services/dashboards) implement edit locks so only one user can edit them at a time
  • Faster chart rendering
  • Zoom lock on all maps
  • Search for monitored services list
  • Node list and node info/summary tables now use table schema files instead in config
  • Custom “node context” links for nodes which can be configured to point to anywhere user likes, button is shown in node list and node view page (requires NMIS 8.6.2)
  • Node action buttons now shown in their own panel above node info panel


  • Graph legends being cut off

  • Dashboard refresh button enabled

opCharts 3.2.0

Released June 27, 2017

Please note that the licensing system has been updated, and existing licenses will not work for opCharts 3.2.0: You will have to obtain an updated license for this version of opCharts.
You can check your licenses by visiting the My Licenses page; If unsure about your options, please email


  • opCharts has been completely re-skinned and all pages have been reworked for easier navigation and greater consistency.
  • NMIS Custom services now better supported in chart creator/editor, extra/custom variables are now available as fields when adding a dataset
  • Business Services view now displays ifDescr instead of 'interface'
  • Chart creator now has option to set left Y axis min/max


  • Non-admin access to NMIS groups has been removed

  • Help modal should now appear correctly on all pages
  • When nmis event log line does not have a node only admins will see the line

opCharts 3.0.12

Released May 17, 2017


  • Export To CSV now available from node list view (when in table mode), exported fields are configurable (opcharts_node_list_exporttocsv)
  • Business services view now has config option to show page size select (opcharts_gui_business_service_show_pagesize
  • NMIS Event log component should be slightly faster


  • Node search function now works with RBAC users, search endpoint did not have correct authorisation settings

  • Event log could show users entries for nodes there were not authorized, this is now fixed, workers were not using correct auth context in all cases
  • Chart datasets no longer must have a stack value set, component was not handling empty string properly

opCharts 3.0.10

Released Feb 28, 2017


  • Node info panel (found on most node pages) now allows for more complex formatting, eg. displaying a unix timestamp as human readable, see documentation for more
  • Delegated Authentication
  • Dataset charts now show Min/Max/Avg
  • Custom JS
  • Link to opFlowSP Agents/Interface from Node Interface view


  • Master redirect to poller with RBAC user now keeps context_list so user can see URL

  • Users/Roles with "." (period) in the name can now be edited/deleted
  • NMIS Group search function now functional

opCharts 3.0.8

Released Dec 9, 2016


  • Node list table columns are now configurable, see the opCharts 3 Administration Guide for more
  • Portal Users who have been granted access to NMIS groups can now see and click on node links in Node panels on maps and business services
  • Several new dataset options added to the chart creator: suffix in tooltip, decimal places in tooltip and dataset multiplier which allows adjusting the base of the value
  • Automatic detection of different RRD resolution/step, lowest value now used as default and displayed when viewing a period that is small enough (< 17h by default)


  • Precision of NMIS graphs now restored to 2 decimal places by default

  • Chart creator now restores last color index used, create -> add dataset -> save -> edit -> add dataset no longer re-uses first color
  • Customer filter in advanced menu removed
  • Permissions button no longer shown on auto-generated resources which have not been saved (and therefor cannot have permissions set on them)

opCharts 3.0.7


  • Portal Users/Roles can now be granted access to list and view nodes based on the nodes group
  • Portal Users/Roles can now have arbitrary properties assigned to them which can be used in SQL queries
  • Interface speed easier to read


  • Timezone changes will now be picked up by running omkd

  • Interface list view now enforces group membership on list of node/interfaces displayed

opCharts 3.0.6


  • Individual CBQoS classes can now be added to charts using the chart creator
  • Individual CBQoS class can be chosen when viewing node cbqos-in/out page
  • Chart creator now allows setting dataset color and stacking (when using area mode)
  • Breadcrumb and Node Resource selector now show friendlier names for indexed resources
  • omkd secrets are now automatically changed on install


  • SSO Authentication backwards compatibility fix, will now work with all apps except the ones that contain the breakage (opCharts 3.0.5 and opEvents-2.0.6)

opCharts 3.0.4 / opCharts 3.0.5


  • New interfaces page allows searching all known interfaces
  • Connectwise authentication added
  • Node filter always shows all possible node status values: reachable, degraded and unreachable
  • Node info table shows SNMP status and WMI status
  • opCharts-cli import function now accepts force option
  • Export to CSV for charts
  • Interface page shows more charts
  • Default Polling Definitions imported by installer


  • Authorisation fixes for dashboards/business services

  • Group links in maps fixed

  • Charts once again honour line type setting
  • Chart creator no longer displays first dataset twice in chart
  • Node list table mode now links to pollers properly

  • Node list sorting error fixed

  • KPI coloring now more consistent between table and panel

  • Dashboards with external pie’s and charts now load properly

  • Table/page size node list page size should now be consistent

  • Attempting to access poller node detail on master now automatically redirects to poller

  • SSO cookies with domain that is too specific (sometimes)

opCharts 3.0.2


  • Resource (Maps/Charts/Business Services/Dashboard) index pages now load faster
  • Automatically adjusts config for new TopN configuration settings
  • Loading icon on Resource index tables


  • Monitored services display in GUI
  • Deleting dashboards from GUI and command-line
  • Exporting maps from CLI
  • Editing placeholders on maps
  • Forces new TopN configuration values

opCharts 3.0.0


  • Business Services, view status information for related nodes and interfaces in a single page
  • Fine-grained role-based authorization system for Business Services, Maps and Charts
  • Resource data now stored in DB, all data can be exported/imported via CLI tool, existing file-based data is automatically imported


  • Map icons in IE 10/11 (use PNG icons instead of SVG just for these browsers)
  • Map custom link text being lost on edit

opCharts 2.6.4


  • Authentication expiry timeout now configurable,  auth_expire_seconds
  • Dashboard editor now loads faster when chart/map files have many definitions


  • Custom chart colours fixed, no longer uses same colour for all datasets
  • Node info panel: node status link now links to same location as the name
  • Node view page: Node status now found in more uniform way
  • Monitored services back button no longer shows JSON

opCharts 2.6.2


  • Custom Link type for Maps
  • Chart components now show period being displayed in title
  • Starting point of empty geological map now configurable 


  • Show only known Monitored Services when not in master mode
  • Fixed issue with deleting entities on map
  • Network maps no longer have bottom 20px of background clipped
  • Loading and no data found notifications for charts fixed
  • Consistently show % in TopN tables

Known Issues

  • Topological and Network maps do not render correctly in Safari 9.0.1

opCharts 2.6.0


  • Monitored Services
  • Zoom lock added to maps that support zooming
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with other omkd's, when configured and using FQDN
  • Edit/Delete nodes in Geographical maps, delete links
  • Links to view node in other Opmantek apps if installed


  • Viewing interface graphs on their own now ensure the correct node is being displayed
  • Better map background placement in Network Maps
  • Long node names now shorten better in node list

opCharts 2.4.12


  • Node search performance on large NMIS installs significantly improved
  • Node selector panel only shows selections in top section, hides the single option below
  • Node list number of rows/columns now configurable ('opcharts_node_list_rows_per_page','opcharts_node_list_cols_per_page')
  • Node search on poller node now redirects directly to poller node info


  • Node search suggestion drop-down box now appears in a more appropriate spot
  • omkd restart/shutdown now properly shuts down when event viewer visible in GUI

opCharts 2.4.10


  • Issue with node list where selected filters are lost when a different page is selected.

opCharts 2.4.8


  • Spanish translation update
  • Automatic language detection can now be disabled in config (omkd_auto_detect_language)
  • Service data now available in chart creator
  • Automatically uses NMIS users.dat file if it exists, installer backs up current and sym-links to NMIS file


  • Can now select EN as language in GUI when default language was not EN
  • Pages with partial translations fixed 
  • Dataset edit button in chart creator fixed
  • Customer Chart/Dashboard files holding old stock definitions are now replaced on install preventing potential odd behaviour in GUI
  • Maps with blank placeholders now work with links/interface links

opCharts 2.4.6


  • Maps can now hold nodes from pollers
  • TopN only considers data from the last 15 minutes (so old data will be ignored), time period is configurable
  • Maps holding nodes a user is not authorised for appear grey (but are still on map)
  • More uniform support for master/poller nodes 


  • Users no longer see nodes in node search that they cannot access
  • Better at handling blank nodes in NMIS
  • TopN report only runs once every 5 minutes (configurable) no matter how many times it is called (force option available)
  • Dashboard viewing now verifies a user has rights before displaying anything
  • Pressing new button on auto-generated charts fixed
  • Verified whole system to ensure nodes only visible to users who have rights to see them

opCharts 2.4.2


  • Issue with LDAP and MS Active Directory authentication
  • Permissions on maps refresh was only accessible to admin

opCharts 2.4.0


  • Topological Maps
    • Add node subnets
    • Add node neighbours (via CDP info)
    • EXSi servers show hosted VM's as neighbours
  • Maps
    • All entities now support linking to other maps
  • Event Log
    • Automatically updates, no refreshing, updates are pushed as soon as they happen
    • Node view shows events for node
  • Interfaces status table
  • Dashboard full screen mode
  • RESTful API for nodes (config,info,status)

opCharts 2.2.2


  • Network Diagrams and Geographical Maps!  
    • Create them in the GUI
    • Add them to custom dashboards
    • Watch them refresh with the newest data
    • Click on them to see the status of nodes, groups and interfaces
    • Add background images to Network Diagrams and place network objects over top.  If the default installation location has been used background images can be added to the directory, the filenames should not include spaces in the names:

  • TopN charts, showing the biggest users of CPU, Memory, Interface Up/Down Utilisation as well as Errors and Dropped packets.
    • Also shows the last 1h of usage inline so you can see how the data is trending
  • New node selector that allows you to drill down into lists of nodes very quickly
  • Node status summary now in node view, shows you the status of the alerts and thresholds for the node
  • Dashboard groups, quickly switch between your favourite dashboards by putting them in the same group

opCharts 2.0.4


  • Grid can now have columns set allowing reproducible grids on screens with varying sizes

  • Chart creator has some helpful UI tweaks

  • Viewing a node now displays the same charts that NMIS displays by default
  • More datasets are available for graphing in the chart creator (specifically the server ones, hrsmpcpu, hrdisk, hrmem, hrswapmem, hrvmem, hrbufmem, hrcachemem)

opCharts 2.0.0


  • New installer
  • Chart Creator redesigned.  Now much more intuitive to use and supports more data resources.

opCharts 1.3.0


  • CBQoS graphs now available for nodes that are collecting it
  • Indexed datasets now more generally supported (including ipsla/rttMonLatestRtt,storage,cpu,etc)
  • Updated GUI
  • REST API also supports more indexed datasets, as well as CBQoS datasets
  • Node selection GUI element now has more tokens to search by


  • Node selection GUI element displays properly

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