DB Schema - system table

The system table contains the main pieces of information for every device. If a device is in Open-AudIT, it has an entry in the system table.

The table below shows the columns contained in the table, along with the type, default value, maximum length (for VARCHAR columns), vaild values (for ENUM columns) and what it is initially set by when a device is created.

All columns can have their value manually set by a user except the ID column.

Some values should not be edited such as the UUID or DBUS_IDENTIFIER except under rare circumstances.

Editable columns will appear on the Bulk Edit Devices page inside Open-AudIT.

Where a column has a set by of "audit" it means the value from the discovery source (WMI, SSH, SNMP, Nmap) is used.

Where a column has a set by of "calculated" it means the other attributes from the discovery source (WMI, SSH, SNMP, Nmap) are used to determine this value.

Where a column has a set by of "manual" it means the attribute is set manually by the Open-AudIT user.

Where a column has a set by of "imported" it means the attribute is set by NMIS.


Max Length
Valid Values
Set By
idint 10 auto
uuidvarchar 100 audit
namevarchar 100 audit
ipvarchar 45 audit
hostnamevarchar 100 audit
dns_hostnamevarchar 100 audit
domainvarchar 100 audit
dns_domainvarchar 100 audit
dbus_identifiervarchar 255 audit
fqdntext   audit
descriptiontext   audit
typevarchar 50 calculated
commentstext   manual
iconvarchar 50 calculated
os_groupvarchar 50 audit
os_familyvarchar 50 audit
os_namevarchar 100 audit
os_versionvarchar 50 audit
attached_system_idint 10 calculated
manufacturervarchar 100 audit
modelvarchar 200 audit
serialvarchar 200 audit
uptimevarchar 50 audit
form_factorvarchar 50 audit
os_bittinyint03 audit
memory_countint010 audit
processor_counttinyint03 audit
os_installation_datedate2000-01-01  audit
printer_port_namevarchar 50 audit
printer_sharedvarchar 50 audit
printer_shared_namevarchar 50 audit
printer_colorenum  ('y', 'n', '')audit
printer_duplexenum  ('y', 'n', '')audit
statusenumproduction ('production', 'deleted', 'lost', 'maintenance', 'retired', 'unallocated')audit
environmentenumproduction ('production', 'dev', 'dr', 'eval', 'pre-prod', 'test', 'train', 'uat')audit
classenum  ('desktop', 'laptop', 'tablet', 'workstation', 'server', 'virtual server', 'virtual desktop', 'hypervisor', '')manual
functionvarchar 100 manual
ownervarchar 100 manual
org_idint110 manual
location_idint110 manual
location_levelvarchar 100 manual
location_suitevarchar 100 manual
location_roomvarchar 100 manual
location_rackvarchar 100 manual
location_rack_positionvarchar 100 manual
location_rack_sizeint010 manual
location_latitudefloat   manual
location_longitudefloat   manual
asset_numbervarchar 50 manual
vm_server_namevarchar 150 calculated
vm_system_idint 10 calculated
vm_groupvarchar 150 manual
cluster_namevarchar 150 manual
cluster_typevarchar 150 manual
invoice_idint 10 manual
purchase_invoicevarchar 50 manual
purchase_order_numbervarchar 50 manual
purchase_cost_centervarchar 50 manual
purchase_vendorvarchar 100 manual
purchase_datedate2000-01-01  manual
purchase_service_contract_numbervarchar 255 manual
lease_expiry_datedate2000-01-01  manual
purchase_amountvarchar 50 manual
warranty_durationint05 manual
warranty_expiresdate2000-01-01  manual
warranty_typeenum  ('', '24x7x365', '9x5x5', 'Next Business Day')manual
switch_system_idint 10 manual
switch_portint010 manual
patch_panelvarchar 45 manual
patch_panel_portint010 manual
wall_portvarchar 100 manual
contact_namevarchar 50 manual
service_numbervarchar 100 manual
service_providervarchar 100 manual
service_typevarchar 100 manual
service_planvarchar 100 manual
service_networkvarchar 100 manual
unlock_pinvarchar 100 manual
serial_imeivarchar 100 manual
serial_simvarchar 100 manual
nmis_groupvarchar 50 manual
nmis_namevarchar 50 manual
nmis_rolevarchar 50 manual
nmis_exportenumn ('y', 'n')manual
oae_manageenumy ('y', 'n')manual
snmp_oidtext   audit
sysDescrtext   audit
sysObjectIDvarchar 255 audit
sysUpTimevarchar 255 audit
sysContactvarchar 255 audit
sysNamevarchar 255 audit
sysLocationvarchar 255 audit
first_seendatetime2000-01-01 00:00:00  audit
last_seendatetime2000-01-01 00:00:00  audit
last_seen_byvarchar 150 calculated
last_uservarchar 150  
omk_uuidvarchar   imported