If you're considering running a trial or proof of concept of Opmantek's Solutions, or just looking for more information, start here.

Links to Common Questions

Learning about Opmantek's products and capabilities - is a trial the best place to obtain information?

Identify Your Products and Solutions

Demo vs. Trial vs. PoC vs. Pilot. What are you running?


Proof of Concept (PoC)


What do we need to start?

Running a PoC or a Pilot cost money for both the customer and Opmantek - both parties should be sure of what they expect to gain and the probabilities.

Sample Documentation

When conducting a Trial you should start with a list of features or functionality that you feel are necessary in order to ensure the product(s) will meet your needs. Opmantek has prepared the following list as a starting point for you. However, you should decide for yourself what features are important to your organization.

Trial Outcome

You should identify and agree on the Trial Outcome, e.g. "To determine if the Opmantek solution is suitable for use in managing the core network, servers, and customer network infrastructure."


How much time is needed in order to evaluate the product to the degree necessary? Are there sufficient resources available to meet this goal?

Technical Details

Devices to Manage in Trial

Provide a list by manufacturer and model of which devices will be included in the trial.

General Requirements

Network Discovery (Open-AudIT)

Performance Management Requirements (NMIS)

Data Visualization (opCharts)

Fault and Event Management (opEvents)

Configuration Management Requirements (opConfig)

Example PoC/Pilot Roadmap