Like any system some regular maintenance will keep NMIS running smoothly, we have automated as much as we can and will continue to do so, here are a few things to check on. 

Check and Audit the configuration,

These commands tell you what folders and permissions are incorrect, and then just fix it.
/usr/local/nmis8/bin/ type=audit
/usr/local/nmis8/bin/ type=config

Check the NMIS code base for syntax and dependancies.


Log rotation is the most important factor

Verify logrotate.conf is running in cron and setup for your files.

Cleaning up old RRD files periodically

cd /usr/local/nmis8/database
find . –name "*rrd" -type f -mtime +30 -print -exec rm {} \;
find . -name "*rrd" -type f -size 0 -print -exec rm {} \;

Other things

Check the runtime graphs
Check for zombie processes