All Opmantek applications that handle time-series data use a common mechanism for parsing start and end times, which supports a large number of different formats listed below.

Starting with opEvents 2.0.4, Time zone specifications are also supported.

Default Format

The default format is the specific "DD-MON-YYYY HH:MM:SS", which you will have seen already in the Quick Search field. The default timezone is the server's local timezone (or the configured timezone as per omkd_display_timezone - available in opEvents releases 2.0.4 and newer).

Absolute Date Formats

Relative Date Formats

Absolute Time Formats

Relative Time Formats

Timezone Specifications

The underlying date and time parser understands primarily the formats "GMT+H", "GMT+HHMM", "+HHMM" (and the corresponding variants with "-"), and a very limited subset of Timezone names.