I use the  nmis8.6.1G.run script to install NMIS, but at the point for checking RRD it not go on.

 The script tells me RRD is not installed.

I try to install librrds-perl but librrds-perl can*t install without  perlapi-5.14.2, but perlapi-5.14.2 is not installable.

perl  v5.22.1 and v5.26.1

Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS



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      it looks like you're not on 16.04.3 entirely, but are using a backported/newer perl from outside that distribution stream.

      i've just fired up one of our test system with LTS 16.04(.03), and that has perl version is v5.22.1, and the packages site confirms that that's the version you should have: https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/perl

      the nmis 8.6.1g installer does successfully install all pre-requirements there. on your mix-and-match system, it looks like no rrd perl modules could be found that were built against your particular version of perl.

      i think that your main choices to resolve this situation are:

      • revert perl back to the version from16.04.3,
      • or build your own rrdtool perl package.
        in all likelihood you might get away with a simple apt-get source librrds-perl, apt-get build-dep librrds-perl and a quick dpkg-buildpackage.


      1. ThomasD

        Hello, at the beginning i have only the v5.22.1, but this does not work and i try various versions. But always the same error. regards ThomasD

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