Good evening everyone
I request support to migrate my openaudit v 05.06 to the current version
Please note that my 2003r2 server with  openaudit 05.06 and must be migrated to a new win2012r2 server with openadit free community version . 

The problem is on the database that is structured differently.
How can I do ?  Does anyone have a conversion script?
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      Hello Gianluca,

      Thank you very much for your continued use of Open-AudIT Community. To upgrade and migrate your database we suggest the following steps -

      1. Backup the existing database on your Windows 2003r2 server. Directions can be found HERE: Backup and Restore
      2. Upgrade your current installation on Windows 2003r2 server. Directions can be found HERE: Windows - Upgrading
      3. Once the upgrade is complete log into Open-AudIT. You should be prompted to upgrade the database, simply click the link provided and the database will be upgraded.
      4. After the database upgrade is completed you would then backup the new database per the directions under Step 1 above.
      5. Copy the backup of the upgraded database to the new Windows 2012r2 Server.
      6. Install Open-AudIT on the new Windows 2012r2 Server. This is a 2-step process; 1: Windows - pre-requisites, 2: Windows - Installing
      7. After you have installed Open-AudIT on the new server you would follow the steps for restoring your backed-up database created in Step 4 above and copied to your new server in Step 5 as described in the Restore section HERE: Backup and Restore
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