I installed Open Audit in Debian 9 but it is not working on port 80. Instead of the Open Audit home page, I see apache2 service's default web page on web browser. 

Unfortunately I don't know how to configure apache configuration files. ex: Which home path should I use instead of '/var/www/html'?

Is changing the apache home path enough? Should I also change php configurations or other configuration files?

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      Did you use the Opmantek installer (ie, did you download it from Open-AudIT.org or Opmantek.com)?

      Or did you get the Community code from Github?

      The Opmantek installer will take care of the entire setup, including dependencies for you.

      For Community, there should be a soft link in /var/www/html to /usr/local/open-audit/www

      You should be able to access it at http://YOUR_SERVER/open-audit/

      1. mehmet yeter

        Hello Mark,

        I downloaded from Open-Audit.org for linux debian version. I installed this from ./run file.

        The file was created by install :  /var/www/html/open-audit/index.php

        I am accessing http://my_openaudit_host_name/open-audit 


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      Thank you for your response,

      It worked. I have a question.

      I don't remove any devices because I don't find in open audit.

      Please, can you help me.?


      1. Mark Unwin

        I'd suggest having a look through the wiki - Home

      2. Mark Unwin

        Te second link explains it.

        Set a device's status to Deleted.

        View the "system" database table and there will be a link to delete all devices with stauts of deleted.

      3. mehmet yeter

        The problem was resolved. As you said

        Thank you.

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