Still running OA 2.3.3 waiting on 3.3.0 to upgrade.

I just discovered an issue where a Windows audit is sent by the script, and the system in OA seems to update (audit log is updated with timestamp) but audit is partially captured.  My biggest gripe is that I'm blind about audits failing, so I don't know how pervasive this is, if its inherent to v2.3.3 and whether this has been addressed in recent updates. 

When I try to submit the same audit manually, it seems that one particular software line fails to update the system and the whole audit fails. Even if I comment out this line on the xml file, it fails in another line. I'm not able to put my finger on what it is but it always returns the same error.

Here is what's submitted

<name>FreeSWITCH 64 bit</name>
<uninstall>MsiExec.exe /I{B004A325-1272-47E5-A415-A74E9FC99865}</uninstall>
<installed_on>2019-12-19 13:12:44</installed_on>

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1109

Unknown table 'software' in field list

/* M_devices_components::process_component */ INSERT INTO `software` ( `name`, `version`, `install_date`, `uninstall`, `publisher`, `install_source`, `installed_by`, `installed_on`, `version_padded`, `system_id`, `current`, `first_seen`, `last_seen` ) VALUES ( 'FreeSWITCH (64 bit)', '1.9.0', '20191219', 'MsiExec.exe /I{B004A325-1272-47E5-A415-A74E9FC99865}', 'FreeSWITCH', 'E:\\SoftwareBundle\\Prerequisites\\FreeSWITCH\\', 'domain\user', '2019-12-19 13:12:44', '000000000100000000090000000000', '69', 'y', '2020-01-27 16:51:04', '2020-01-27 16:51:04' )

Filename: E:\WAMP\www\code_igniter\system\database\DB_driver.php

Line Number: 328

SystemID (updated): 

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      Unknown table 'software' in field list

      Looks like there is no software table in the database.

      I'd go to http://YOUR_SERVER/open-audit/index.php/test/db_compare 

      That will show you the diff between the schema file and the actual database.

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