I just install the community version of Open-audIT and un want to thank you about this amazing product

OS: Ubuntu 18.04

I am currently unable to do a "search" (both on group or device)

I get this error:

Resource does not exist (search:collection).
A user attempted to view a resource which does not exist.

In the debug screen:

    code: ERR-0007,
    status: HTTP\/1.1 404 Not Found,
    severity: 5,
    title: Resource does not exist (search:collection).,
    detail: A user attempted to view a resource which does not exist.,
    status_code: 404,
    severity_text: notice,
    controller: search::collection,
    summary: Resource does not exist (search:collection).,
    link: \/open-audit\/index.php\/errors\/ERR-0007

Am i doing something wrong or is it a known issue ?

Thanks for your help
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      Hi Fabian,

      You are correct - it is a bug. Thanks for taking the time to ask the question (smile)

      You can patch this by editing the below file


      Edit line 493. Change it from

              if ($CI->response->meta->action === 'create') {


              if ($CI->response->meta->action === 'create' && $CI->response->meta->collection !== 'search') {

      You can also see my fix on Github at https://github.com/Opmantek/open-audit/commit/e271cb0ae0930119538db890107f17c4b9df4515

      Thanks again for posting.


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