This was working but now that I did this - c:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql.exe -u openaudit -popenauditpassword openaudit < c:\xampp\open-audit\other\openaudit_mysql.sql

When I go back and add location, discovery, and credentials it doesn't report items back. Seems to also be stuck on Running.

If I go and discover a single device that I know exists in that ip range (either by ip or hostname) it returns the item in OpenAudit.

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      The command you posted will have reset the database to it's defaults.

      You should be able to add locations, credentials and discoveries.

      You said you can discover a single device - was that using menu → Discover → Discoveries → Create Discoveries ?

      Can you post the discovery support output (see Open-AudIT Support Information).

      If that's too sensitive, email it to me at marku@opmantek.com


      1. Chad

        Correct on the DB defaults. I know that but I was trying to export all my info so I can make sure I have a good how to get this going.

        Yes I added back my original locations, creds, and discoveries the same as before. But this time around it said is found 28 ips but only returned 14 known devices and was stuck at 'running' all night. 

        Single device was using Discover → Discoveries → Discover a single device. All I added was either the IP or the hostname and it found it right away. But on the subnet scan no go. Not sure if it was because it was stuck at running. 

        I will have to look at it again tomorrow at work. 

      2. Chad

        Also doesn't look like that (Discovery Support) is available in the Free version. As I am just in a testing phase as we are still running the older version of the free one in our production environement.

      3. Chad

        I also set it up on another PC and it seemed to have the same issue again. Where can we download previous versions?

      4. Chad

        Thanks Mark - I am going to test 3.2.2 and see if it does any better. I will let you know.

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