I was reviewing the Features section of the NMIS Community Space, and I’m interested in running some of the commands described on the Tools for Working with NMIS Models wiki (https://community.opmantek.com/display/NMIS/Tools+for+Working+with+NMIS+Models). In particular, I was would like to generate the model debug for a collect, but the nmis.pl and model_discovery.pl files from NMIS8 don’t appear to be installed anymore. Is this feature still supported in NMIS9?


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      Hi Joshua, 

      nmis9 works a bit different than nmis8, as nmis9 has a daemon that runs a scheduler to perform all the jobs. nmis-cli just send jobs to the queue, instead of running the jobs directly. That's why these commands have changed.  

      In this link you can find a comparison between nmis8 and nmis9 most important commands: 

      NMIS Troubleshooting

      For the update and collect:

      /usr/local/nmis9/bin/nmis-cli act=schedule job.type=collect job.node=MYNODE
      /usr/local/nmis9/bin/nmis-cli act=schedule job.type=update job.node=MYNODE job.force=1

      As the job is not run by the process nmis-cli, you will have to review nmis.log log to see the output, or redirect the output to a file adding the following argument:


      The model-discovery tool still needs to be ported from nmis8.

      Best regards, 

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