Hi guys,

When I try to edit a node in the webui, I get this error:

ERROR, validation of node property 'NODE' failed: Non allowed characters in community

The character it's complaining about is "%".

NMIS will collect using this string systematically, but the webui hates it, and NMIS isn't the only collector in our network so changing the community will be quite treacherous.

I can't edit or create nodes using the webui at the moment.

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      Hi Harry,

      This webgui change was added to NMIS for a security fix, as % is nasty character for hackers to exploit.  

      NMIS 9 Release Notes#NMIS9.2.3


      • Prevent stored cross site scripting.
        • As part of these security changes, some special characters no longer be available for node configuration fields like group names, including ;=()<>%'\/


      If you are happy to accept this character you can modify the system to allow it.

      Add not_allowed_chars_props to Config.nmis and define it as "[;=()<>']"

      'system' => {
        'not_allowed_chars_props' => "[;=()<>']",

      Let me know how you go.


      1. Harry Milanes

        Yes that's sorted it, thanks to you & team (smile)

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