Can I import rack information via spreadsheet? I saw import_locations.xls spreadsheet which location information but no rack information.




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      The rack position is device specific, not location specific. Therefore you have to alter a device's attributes, not a locations. To easily edit multiple device attributes you could use the Bulk Edit function, but this would set the attributes all to the same value - not what you need.

      You can export devices into an Excel spreadsheet, edit and/or add column data, then re-import it. How to do this is below.

      Select a Group that you wish to apply the rack positioning to (this will narrow down the number of devices). Say "Windows Servers". View the Group (click on its name on the front page). On the group view list page, click the 'Export as Excel' button in the menu bar (on the right).

      Open the spreadsheet and add the following columns:


      Fill the data for these columns and delete the rows for any devices you do not wish to update.

      Save the file.

      Go to the menu -> Admin -> Devices -> Add Multiple Devices (using a spreadsheet).

      Choose the spreadsheet you just altered. Import it. Done (smile)


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