how we can set juniper device in opConfig? I tried to add node and credential and also I used test_connect but I receive this error:

Attempting to connect using:
$VAR1 = {
'command' => undef,
'connect_options' => [],
'default_continuation' => undef,
'host' => '',
'line_endings' => undef,
'password' => '*****',
'password_privileged' => undef,
'personality' => 'junos',
'privileged_paging' => undef,
'transport' => 'SSH',
'username' => 'root'

Error, connection test returned "Authentication Error", error message "login failed to remote host - prompt does not match"

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      this indicates that the standard "junos" personality isn't working with your  particular device, either because yours uses customized prompts or the prompts that the remote connect software package ships for junos are not up to date.

      this can be adjusted/extended, but it requires working with the
      'phrasebook files' for the remote connection system. these files have to go in
      conf/phrasebooks/, but as the junos one has not been modified by us you'll have to start with the upstream default file from here: https://metacpan.org/source/OLIVER/Net-CLI-Interact-2.200002/lib/Net/CLI/Interact/phrasebook/cisco/junos/pb (and save it as conf/phrasebooks/cisco/junos/pb).

      the format of these phrasebook files is documented here:

      while working with phrasebooks it's recommended that you run your opconfig-cli commands with debug=9 to get verbose information about what the remote connection system sees vs. what the phrasebooks tell it to expect.


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