For opAddress 2.0 we have changed the Open-AudIT import to use a query.

You will need a query named "opAddress" inside Open-AudIT for this to work as intended.

The standard query that will be shipped with the next release of Open-AudIT is below, but for those installing opAddress 2.0 and wanting Open-AudIT importing now, you should create a new query named opAddress and use the below SQL.

SELECT AS ``, system.ip AS `system.ip`, system.hostname AS `system.hostname`, system.sysName AS `system.sysName`, system.fqdn AS `system.fqdn`, system.dns_fqdn AS `system.dns_fqdn`, system.last_seen AS `system.last_seen`, network.speed AS `network.speed`, network.connection AS `network.connection`, ip.ip AS `ip.ip`, ip.mac AS `ip.mac`,ip.netmask AS `ip.netmask`, AS ``, ip.version AS `ip.version`, AS `` FROM ip LEFT JOIN system ON (ip.system_id = AND ip.current = 'y') LEFT JOIN network ON (ip.net_index = network.net_index AND ip.mac = network.mac) LEFT JOIN locations ON (system.location_id = WHERE @filter
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