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  • AB1-ABI4 Upgrade Pre-Flight Checklist
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You can upgrade current server software or you can build new servers and migrate data; in-situ vs in-paralell respectively.

  • in-paralell - this is the least risk option but requires additional resources
  • in-situ - suits single server installations with a single outage window.

Must Check before you start in-situ

Check each of the following items before upgrading in-situ.

  1. Are you on an older OS? e.g. Centos6, Debian 7 etc.
    1. upgrade all servers to newer distribution or create new server instances and use the in parallel upgrade
  2. Does your server _lack_ plenty of extra disk and possible CPU to accommodate both installs 
    1. add extra disk capacity to allow copying of current data
    2. or use the in parallel upgrade and create new server instances with similar disk capacity
  3. You have a test system and have tested the upgrade process or you have a complete snapshot of your current server with a tested restore
    1. Complete a test upgrade on a test server before attempting on live system
  4. Check down time for your service during the upgrade is acceptable, it will take time and if you have a multi server system all servers need to be completed before the complete service is restored.
    1. An in-paralell build would enable zero downtime and provide an opportunity to test and confirm before migrating.
  5. Are you new to linux system administration and debugging
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