FirstWave monitoring applications support Dark Mode with the following releases:

  • opAddress 2.3.0
  • opCharts 4.5.0
  • opConfig 4.5.0
  • opEvents 4.3.0
  • opHA 3.6.0
  • opReports 4.5.0
  • Open-AudIT 4.4.0


Dark Mode Support

Dark mode in the applications tracks your operating system settings, some browsers support enabling dark or light mode independently of the operating system.

Select Light or Dark Mode in Firefox

Access the Firefox Settings:

Scroll down to the Language and Appearance and adjust your settings accordingly.

Select Light or Dark Mode in MacOS

Settings are changed in System Preferences → General

Select Dark

Select Light

Select Light or Dark Mode in Windows 10

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

Dark Mode is changed in Settings → Personalization → Colors

Select Dark

Select Light

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