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This requires opCharts-4.5.7 or later.


It is possible to supply user-defined fields when editing a node, for example:

Note the new tab with title 'Extra-Fields' and inside that tab are two user-defined fields: 'Contact Person' and 'Customer ID' - these will be saved along with the node configuration data.

How To Enable

Extra fields are controlled using the Form Schema feature. Create a new schema file: /usr/local/opmojo/conf/form_schema/admin_nodes.json  (adjust path to suit your installation location). The file name must correspond with the UI component: <application>_<form name>.json 

The content of the file should look something like this:

    "label": "Custom node fields",
    "description": "Edit in conf/form_schema/admin_nodes.json",
    "component": ["confignode_admin"],
    "tags": ["node"],
    "schema": {
        "customerId": {
                "title": "Customer ID",
                "type": "Text"
        "contact": {
                "title": "Contact Person",
                "type": "Text"

Refer to the documentation on the  Form Schema page for more information on available options: field types, field order, form validation etc.

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