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Redis is currently an optional dependency for opEvents and the real-time events feature.

Check if the process is running

ps -ef | grep redis
root      3272 32083  0 11:18 pts/3    00:00:00 grep redis
redis    30666     1  0 08:32 ?        00:00:06 /usr/bin/redis-server

Check the Redis Version

redis-server -v
redis server v=3.2.6 sha=00000000:0 malloc=jemalloc-3.6.0 bits=64 build=36cfef259bdc87c

Check if you can connect to redis using redis-cli

You can find your redis password in "/etc/redis/redis.conf" and look for requirepass

redis-cli -a myUnguessablePazzzzzword123 ping

The server should respond with PONG

For more details on the redis cli please see

Check the password between both applications

Find the redis password in "/etc/redis/redis.conf" and find the value set under requirepass

Find the redis password  "/usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.json" and find the value under redis_password

They need to be the same for our applications to connect.

If you change either password, both redis, omkd and opeventsd will need to be restarted.

Check if OMK applications can connect to Redis

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  1. If this is a new install of redis, the requirepass may not be set. To set the password:

    1. vi redis.conf
    2. Uncomment the requirepass mypass line
    3. Replace mypass with your new password and save the file
    4. Restart redis