As the support automation tool for NMIS has proven very useful, we've now extended that capability to our commercial products. There is now a support tool available that covers the commercial Opmantek products.

The OMK support tool will ship with all future releases and it will incrementally grow in functionality. Its first version provides a convenient way to collect all relevant info regarding a server's system and product installation status and configuration for troubleshooting purposes. In addition to this, the support tool will also check if there is an NMIS installation with the NMIS support tool present, and if so it'll run that as well.

The newest version of this tool can be downloaded here:

Running the support tool without arguments shows a help screen.

Collecting Support Information

When given the argument action=collect,  the script collects diagnostic and configuration information for both the host and the Opmantek installation and save that in a (size-limited) ZIP file. If the  NMIS support tool is detected, then that will be run as well and you will see two separate ZIP files:

/usr/local/omk/bin/ action=collect
collecting support evidence...
please wait while we collect file status information...
please wait while we gather statistics for about 15 seconds...

Found local NMIS installation with NMIS support tool.
Please wait while we collect NMIS information as well.

Evidence collection complete, zipping things up...
All done.

Collected system information is in /tmp/
NMIS information is in /tmp/

Please include these zip files when you contact 
the NMIS Community or the Opmantek Team.

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