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  • Upgrading From MongoDB 3.0 to MongoDB 3.2
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OMK customers may wish to upgrade from MongodDB 3.0 to MongoDB to 3.2.  This example uses CentOS because this is the prevailing Linux distribution used by our customer base.


  • Ensure MondgoDB Authentication Is Set Correctly
  • Stop Running Services
  • Backup Current Database
  • Install MongoDB 3.2
  • Provision MongoDB 3.2
  • Restart OMK Services and Test


Ensure MongoDB Authentication Is Set Correctly

In order to ensure a smooth transistion ensure MongoDB authentication is set correctly.  The following script will facilitate this.

Stop Running OMK Services



Backup Current Database

Create Backup Directory

Dump MongoDB

Stop MongoDB


Install MongoDB 3.2

Update MongoDB Repository File

In order to install Mondgo3.2 edit /etc/yum.repos.d/mongod-org.repo to reflect the correct version. 


Install MongoDB 3.2 with yum

Start MongoDB Service


Restart OMK Services and Test

Restart Services


Log into each OMK Application via the GUI and verify the data is still there.  If everything is as it should be then delete /data/mongodump


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