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Various pieces of documentation for opIntegration, to be categorised soon.

ServiceNow Field Setup

Some fields in a out-of-box ServiceNow configuration are restricted to certain values. Here's how to edit these fields to accept values inserted by opIntegration (or any API calls).


  1. Goto System Definition -> Tables using search
  2. Search for and select the table you're interested in.
  3. All columns are listed on the resulting page. Search for and select the column you're interested in.
  4. Watch out for this warning at the top of the page - the element could be read-only and you must edit the parent.
  5. Set the choice as Dropdown without --none -- (must specify default value) 

ServiceNow Endpoints

Relevant details about ServiceNow Endpoints


Command Line

Act argumentDescriptionAdditional Arguments

Creates a new folder within the extract_dir and pulls open-audit resources into it.

extract_dir: Where the batch folder and files are extracted to. Uses the extract_dir value in opCommon.nmis by default.

device_limit: The maximum of devices that should be considered in this extract.

device_offset: The index (NOT necessarily the id!) to begin extracting devices from.

subresource_limit: The maximum number of subresources that should be extracted for each device.

 transform Targets a directory that was created in the extract phase and creates transformed records in the transform_dir.

input_dir: The directory created from the extract phase.

output_dir: Where the transformed records should be written. Uses the transform_dir value in opCommon.nmis by default.

filter: Name/s of resources to be transformed. If this is not specified, EVERYTHING in the input_dir gets transformed.

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