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Importing Devices from NMIS into opEvents

opEvents can use NMIS data to alert you automatically when issues arise. To enable these devices to be monitored by opEvents you must import them from NMIS.

Log in to opEvents.

If this is your first time logging in to opEvents, you'll likely not see any devices, except maybe localhost.

Go to menu → System → Edit Nodes.

Click the button at the top that says "Import new nodes from NMIS".

The page should refresh and you should see the devices being performance monitored by NMIS.

These devices are now also managed by opEvents.

Opmantek ship quite a few rules by default, but you should definitely check over the rules and ensure they are fit for your environment.

Some links to read up on for this are below.

Setup Email Notifications and Other Actions

Creating custom Policies and Actions

And don't forget about all the other information on the opEvents wiki - Home.

After importing your nodes, your System → Edit Nodes page should look something like the below.

CLI equivalent command

opevents has a cli available tool to perform the same "Refresh all Nodes from NMIS" operation, so it can be automated with a cron job:

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=import_from_nmis [overwrite=0/1] [setstate=0/1] [node=nodeA,..] [debug=1]

There are several options available: 

  • overwrite=1: overwrite existing configuration info, otherwise add new information only. 0 by default.
  • setstate=1: also (re)set the node and element states. 

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