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Schemas represent the data you wish to extract from NMIS.  They are broken down by the name of the table they will export to.  Schema's should only ever be changed on the MySQL server and then pushed out to the NMIS servers.  If a schema is changed it's version number in the schema_set.json file should be incremented, if it is not the results will be indeterminate.


The schema_set.json file lists the schemas that are available in an arrya, the version of each schema it holds and some more information about each individual schema.  An example of a schema that it holds is:

"system" : {
   "schema" : "system",
   "schema_type" : "Inventory",
   "file_name" : "export-system.json",
   "version" : 1


An example schema file: export-system.json

Each schema file holds an array of the data points that it will export, an example that is found in every file is this:

 "data_source" : "node-node.nmis",
 "data_location" : "system",
 "data_location_type" : "Flat",
 "data_name" : "name",
 "data_type" : "varchar",
 "data_length" : 255 
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