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Group By Options

The information provided by the opFlowSP API can be filtered to that information provided under opFlowSP  TopN Options.

  • The opFlowSP primary option group_by changes to implement these filters;
  • The opCharts template also changes as follows:
    • The template name property must change to an appropriate string as each template name  needs to be different;
    • The template options{titleText} should change to an appropriate string value too;
    • The template external_url should change as follows:
      • external_url changes from the # character and is exactly that provided at the end of the URL in the browser addressbar for each option at opFlowSP->View->TopN->Options;
    • the template table_schema changes for each option as per the JSON returned by opFlowSP:
      • table_schema does require analysing the JSON returned by opFlowSP and setting table schema to best reflect the equivalent columnar structure in opFlowSP TopN Options.

Top Applications View

"group_by" : ["application"]



Top Application Sources View

"group_by" : ["src_ip","application"]



Top Application Conversations View

"group_by" : ["src_ip","dst_ip","application"]

Top Listeners View

"group_by" : ["dst_ip"]

Top Protocols View

"group_by" : ["proto"]

Top Talkers View

"group_by" : ["src_ip"]



Top TOS View

"group_by" : ["tos"]

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